1. Canoe
    My family owns two, and I suppose I could use them whenever I wanted, but I want my own.
  2. Plane
    Not a huge jet, something like a Cessna 150 or 172, and I'd be happy. I'm not financially able to buy one, and I need a lot more hours before I get my pilot's license.
  3. Amazon Prime
    I can get the student discount, and I really want it, but I don't have enough time to spend watching shows on Prime Video, and I buy like 3 things a year from Amazon.
  4. Coin (onlycoin.com)
    I have one debit card, and I feel like I wouldn't use it enough. I could put my student ID on it too, I suppose. It sure is cool though.
  5. FN SCAR H
    Way too expensive.
  6. Milling machine
    I really should mill more stuff if I plan to get one.
  7. Pizza oven
    I love a good 'za, but my lease agreement probably wouldn't let me renovate the apartment.
  8. Jeep
    I have a truck, but you can't exactly take the doors and roof off very easily. I'd only use it for fun.
  9. 100+ acres of land
    I want it, but I'm not there yet, financially. Creek or River required.
  10. A multi-thousand dollar computer.
    I don't have enough time or money to devote to games, and it would probably be overkill for the amount of Netflix I'd like to watch.
  11. Fender P-bass
    I don't play (well) enough to warrant it.
  12. Fender Jaguar
    See above
  13. Newspaper subscriptions
    I enjoy reading the paper, but they have free NY Times and USA Today at school, so I would only get value from it when I'm not in school.
  14. Ray Ban Clubmasters
    I like them. They're expensive.
  15. Desktop steam engine
    Useless, but so cool.