1. Season 4
    High-intensity episodes make this season one to remember. High Top Fade Out and Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark may very well be two of the best episodes of the series.
  2. Season 6
    A truly different vibe than previous seasons, Last Night Gus sweeps the contest for best episode of the season. A shocking season finale leaves viewers only wanting more.
  3. Season 2
    A lot of fun adventures takes place in this season: Dinosaurs, Bounty Hunters, Gus's wife.
  4. Season 3
    A major shake up in the season in "Lassie did a bad, bad thing" sets this to be an unconventional season. The start of the Yin Yang saga really brings this season to a great end.
  5. Season 1
    Some great episodes here set the stage for an amazing series. It was still finding out its role in the comedy-drama niche of television.
  6. Season 5
    Developments in the relationship of Shules, Dual Spires, and the third Yin Yang episode make this season worth watching, in my opinion.
  7. Season 7
    Season 7 flip-flops between amazing and lackluster. I'm very conflicted on where it should go.