Just a couple.
  1. Someone, somewhere is using a shower curtain that is too short.
  2. I know one person who is tall enough to pop my back.
    He lives too far away. Suggested solutions gladly accepted.
  3. There's a brand of bread at my grocery store that's too long to fit entirely on the shelf.
  4. Laika the space dog is still in orbit, dead.
  5. Winter lasts a long time. Even where I live.
  6. Have you seen the prices for organic chicken?
  7. I can't carry an extra battery for my iPhone like I could with my LG slide phone.
  8. I don't have enough money to buy 100 acres and move to the woods and be self-sufficient.
  9. You can never tell if a raisin has a stem on it unless you look super close.
  10. What makes you sad?
  11. The global food system
    Suggested by @clillie