1. You become stronger because you are forced to wean away off the company of that person or that place or a group of people that you felt while you were there you could never be without
  2. You gain a deep sense of trust. It is the only way to feel ok with distance. You know that neither you nor them can constantly be talking to the other, but you trust it is not because of choice but because it is essential to not completely detach from the present either.
  3. You notice and enjoy the little things of the relationship that otherwise go unnoticed when in person. A funny picture or emoji or phrase that brightens your day, and you get to see it, hold it in physical as it permanently rests on the screen of your phone.
  4. You always look forward to seeing each other again. You are constantly picturing happy moments that have not yet unfolded. You do everything in the present so that in the future you will have the space and the time and the means to see that person or group of people. You always feel hope.