1. Pretending the songs playing during the ice cream social were about my crush, not Jesus.
  2. Cabin prayer circle rebuking Satan after a bunk mate choked on a gobstopper she tried to sneakily eat while lying down.
  3. Cabin prayer circle rebuking Satan after I sprained my ankle playing gender segregated sports.
  4. Accidentally killing a squirrel during archery and agreeing to let some future psychopath enthusiastically take the credit.
  5. "My father's walk with the Lord and congregation is bigger than your father's"
  6. Bunk mate's disappearance due to her first period cryptically being explained as "going back home to be a woman" that made me believe she was about to become a child bride.
  7. My only rebellious pal convincing me to smoke a cigarette and then accusing me of falling for worldly temptations.