1. Man buns
    Who cares? Buns aren't just for women and no matter your opinion on the aesthetic, sweeping statements of what should and shouldn't be a trend - especially categorized by gender - is close minded and directly affects other people's expression.
  2. The concept of "basic"
    Boring. Think about the demand of what is provided to the masses. Think about how many septum piercings and pastel locks surround you before you shit on a North Face.
  3. Pumpkin flavored backlash
    There several flavors and dishes that are connected to certain seasons. Who cares. We're not collectively blowing out breath over popsicles during the summer.
  4. Bromance
    Stop your homophobic and femme phobic bullshit by nervously mocking male friendship with declaring that you're in love. You are in love. It's called being a friend. You can spend time together and talk and not fuck.
  5. Reality TV
    You watch it. Like any narrative, there is the lowbrow and there is the profound. A memoir is just as curated.
  6. Celebrity mental illness
    I can't imagine my numerous struggles and breakdowns being documented, barely digested and dished out in a fluff piece dismissing the illness behind my behavior. Amanda Bynes' wigs and erratic behavior shouldn't serve as entertainment but instead education.