I Totally Get It Now, Married People (Those Cohabitating):

  1. Why you want all of your wedding photos to be all of your social media profile pics forever.
    There is something to be said for professionals dolling you up and taking your photo.
  2. Budgeting.
    Priorities vary and foundation and deep conditioner do not apply to "spend" or "fun money."
  3. "In sickness and in health" or any variation.
    This doesn't just pertain to being on your death bed. It's applicable to an individual's struggles with one's body, mind and emotions. Can be a cough or unexplained agitation.
  4. Chore lists.
    Methods vary and baseboards should not be ignored.
  5. It's better to schedule great sex than to wait a frustrating amount of time for it to happen organically or spontaneously.
    Not to dismiss the latter. It's the best. The best.