Tired but true. These dudes didn't understand:
  1. The concept of body showering/not washing your hair every day.
  2. The trauma that face scruff/stubble can cause on one's vulva.
  3. Some women have facial hair too.
    And pubic hair. And leg hair. And underarm hair.
  4. Stepping onto a mat or towel after showering.
  5. The difference between tights, leggings and yoga pants.
  6. The validity of PMS affecting a woman's mood and body due to hormones, pain and fatigue. The fact that the aforementioned does not negate the validity of her words/actions/thoughts/opinions/feelings.
  7. Sexual butt stuff does not mean you're a gay man.
    Despite whether I'm into it or not, it's easier if you're just up front about it because it's a very specific location that is hard to find with cryptic directions.