Contour de Force would have never happened without @sarahgorman & @welchcommaemma duh. But big creepy lingering hugs to
  1. Maneuvering through my moods and chi traffic like a champ. On top of feeding the parking meters, fetching me coffee and covertly printing scripts at his job. Smoochiezzzz 4 evaaaa
  2. @TQ
    The human pep rally. THIS MAN IS A GEM. He shows up and is the most supportive person in this space but you already knew that. He's made me realize that I'm lazy and make empty promises a lot BUT IM GOING TO CHANGE. Thanks Iyanla...I mean TQ!
  3. Sweetie pie that I had the pleasure sitting near during post-show drinks. Lots of laughing resulted because of this. If you drift from the pack and slip into boring work gossip with your coworkers, he's like NO. STOP IT. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN. And he's right. A man with a message.
  4. She was lookin rill till cute and understood when I yelled GET A GRIP at her for abso no reason that that would be our love language. How are some people so fun and likeable? How?