Maybe 18 is being a tad dramatic
  1. Shower
    Yes I cannot find the motivation to shower right now, it's roughly 40 degrees and the office seems to be more important than personal hygiene
  2. Do my women's history paper
    Currently due tomorrow at 11:59pm. I can say I've successfully written my thesis statement and pinned at least 400 things on Pinterest while doing so.
  3. Laundry
    My laundry bag may be piling up and I may or may not walk by it and pretend I don't notice
  4. Nap
    It's getting around that time where I'm exhausted from how much I haven't done and a nap is VERY necessary.
  5. Delete my social media
    The reason for my procrastination could be my social media. I mean it is what made me download this app. And feed into my procrastination.
  6. Eat
    Idk I've been hungry but can't get up from the couch and I feel like food is essential to living.