My friends and I like to brainstorm a lot of ideas and then struggle to choose one. We didn't pick these, so now they are for everyone!
  1. D-list characters from Shrek
    Lord Farquad... Gingerbread Man... Princess Fiona's mom...
  2. Anne Geddes babies
    We decided the only way to do this correctly was to actually be naked and covered in real vegetables so it got a veto
  3. Big budget films
    Avatar... Titanic... Spider-Man..etc. but when someone asks you what you are, you are not avatar. You are a "big budget film".
  4. 80s Skiers. (With skis)
    Sweatiest at the bar? Maybe. But we wouldn't have to pay for an uber so who's the real winner here?
  5. Regular versions of typical sexy costumes
    a nurse, a referee, a maid- but not a cheap slutty store bought version. Actually wear scrubs. Give red cards to bad dancers all night. Bring some windex with you instead of a feather duster. (Do dusters actually work anyway?)
  6. Dads
    Dorky tshirt, dad jeans, belt, chunky sneakers.
  7. Rose, Jack, and the Titanic
    Because couple costumes are sooo last year. (Sub out the Titanic for the Iceburg if that's more your style)
  8. Adam, Eve, and the apple
    (We think the idea of a couple costume with an inanimate object is funny okay??)
  9. Romeo, Juliet, and the Balcony
    *see above*
  10. Steve jobs as part of the Blue Man Group
    Same outfit as if you were a member of the blue man group.. but with glasses.
  11. Velveeta
    All velvet outfit with a cheese hat.