Every so often my snapchat does not do what it's told when I press the button. The picture gets delayed and I end up with these gems. I'm sure I will be able to add to this lovely list soon enough.
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    Not so bad right? Little bit of a bad angle but hey that's what you always see when you open the front facing camera. ... Right? Please tell me you are all with me here.
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    This one either makes me look extremely dumb or very constipated. Perhaps both. Yep. I'm gonna go with "both" on this one.
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    Some kinda Fetty Wap one eyed situation happening here. Though I'm loving the flow going on in my hair. I should call up Pantene because it looks straight up flawless.
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    That front flash while you're in pitch black darkness can really get ya. Definitely a Fetty Wap situation on this one though. (Do my eyes close at varying speeds?? How does this happen so often?!?)
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    This is the face of a chip who just found a rogue iPhone in the wild before accidentally taking a selfie. "What is this? Can I eat it?"