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And one time I schooled him.
  1. Sukiyaki / Sukiyaki
    In the mid-90s I was really into this song by 4PM called Sukiyaki. It came on the radio while my dad was driving and he told me it was based on an old Japanese pop song by the same name that he listened to when he was stationed there. Years later I downloaded it and it's excellent. Honestly, both are pretty good. Always wondered how the original got selected to be reimagined by a second-rate 90s R&B group though.
  2. Babe / Camille Saint-Saëns
    I really like the little bossa nova song the mice sing in Babe - "if I had words to make a day for you," etc. My dad liked it too and told me the melody was from Symphony No. 3 by the composer Camille Saint-Saëns and he let me borrow the CD. It remains one of my favorite classical songs of all time and I walked down the aisle to it at my wedding.
  3. All Saints / Amazing Grace
    At another time in my life I was into the song Never Ever by All Saints. My dad told me the chord progressions were from Amazing Grace. They totally are and it's probably the only reason I like the song. Amazing Grace makes me cry every time I hear it and I'm not Christian or even religious.
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  1. "All lives matter, including black lives, and we need to treat black people as if their lives matter, which often times we don't."
  2. "Black lives matter just as much as other lives."
  3. "Black lives matter, too."
  4. "Black lives matter."
Except that arguing in the comments section does absolutely no good to anyone.
  1. "We all bleed the same color."
    Sure, but some of us are more likely to bleed because we have been shot by a police officer. Welcome to the conversation.
  2. "All lives matter."
    Yes, and black lives matter, too. This is not a difficult concept.
  3. "Blue lives matter."
    Of course they do. But so does due process. Police officers don't get to act as judge, jury and executioner (see: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/07/07/opinion/alton-sterling-and-when-black-lives-stop-mattering.html). They are not exempt from justice when they break the law. We need them to be better precisely because they matter.
  4. "These acts aren't racially motivated."
    Ok, fine. Let's pretend they're not for a minute. Even if that's the case, are you really ok with literally anyone being murdered in cold blood by the people sworn to protect them?
According to my two and a half year old.
  1. Pirate ship
  2. Pirate ship flag
  3. Pirate hat
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  1. Other people
    Fuck yeah fireworks Amurrrica
  2. Me
    Holy shit I'm gonna die
  1. Butterscotch budino
    Especially Mario Batali's
  2. The $26 roast chicken sandwich with black truffle and foie gras at the Nomad Hotel
    Worth every penny
  3. Hot soup dumplings from a solid dim sum place
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  1. All of them
  2. Sorry if you came here looking for an idea though
  1. Tim Riggins
  2. Tim Riggins
  3. Tim Riggins
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I have wasted literally hundreds of dollars on essentially unused domain names.
  1. Snarkotic
    A celebrity gossip blog designed to be especially (you guessed it) snarky. Domain purchased and expired.
  2. Dinosaurs and Jesus
    A collection of depictions of dinosaurs with Jesus in art and literature. Domain purchased and expired.
  3. Schmintage
    In which I invited readers to guess which ugly old thing was expensive and which was cheap on Etsy. Still visible on Tumblr. Five posts. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/schmintage
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  1. On eggs: Firm whites, soft yolks, can't lose.
    Eggs are the perfect food. All eggs are good, but scrambled eggs are a tragic waste of a perfectly good runny yolk. Poached, fried, or soft boiled are the best ways to enjoy this beautiful creation.
  2. If it hasn't been boiled, it isn't a bagel.
    Furthermore, toasting is a way to punish a shitty bagel into submission. Do not toast a good bagel.
  3. Ketchup has no place on a hot dog.
    Literally any other topping is acceptable. The hot dog should be all-beef.
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