Ways to Go Viral

Just kidding. Please don't do any of these things.
  1. "Reimagine" Disney characters as [any irreverent and/or trendy concept]
    Also works for Barbie
  2. Invent a useless gadget and Kickstart it
  3. Ask strangers for money for your dumb dog's vacation or some shit
  4. Quit your overpaid job and move to a developing nation. Write about how it made you realize material things don't matter.
    Bonus points if you write it on the MacBook you bought with money from that job you left.
  5. Create a music video parody about being a mom.
    Bonus points if it's a rap song and you emphasize your awkward whiteness for comedic effect
  6. Publish a humiliating video of your child for the amusement of others.
    Bonus points if you teach them to sing or dance to a popular hip hop song.
  7. "Surprise" your loved one with a public proposal that is conveniently captured on film and posted online
    Also works for flash mobs and choreographed dances at weddings.
  8. Quit your job in a novel or potentially libellous way
    Suggested by   @henweb
  9. Fly to Brazil without money or condoms and blog your way home through South and Central America.
    Bonus points if the blog title is a decent pun on Zika that I can't currently come up with.
    Suggested by   @warman
  10. Periscope yourself dumpster diving at the Park Slope Food Coop
    Is that still a thing? I'm honestly not sure if I'm referring to Periscope, dumpster diving, or the Park Slope Food Coop.
    Suggested by   @warman
  11. Post a picture of a shitty tip left on a bill
    Suggested by   @graceofwrath
  12. Dressing/drawing on your baby as popular characters
    Suggested by   @graceofwrath
  13. Being a part of a wedding party and performing a popular song at the reception for the newlyweds.
    Including but not limited to: rapping your speech, groomsmen choreographed dance routine to a pop song
    Suggested by   @graceofwrath
  14. Misspelling something on a cake
    Suggested by   @graceofwrath
  15. Find a bug or rodent in your salad
    Suggested by   @graceofwrath
  16. Complain about the dress code
    At work/school/wherever
    Suggested by   @graceofwrath
  17. Make food in novel shapes (characters, pictures, ridiculous fucking bento box for your ungrateful child)
  18. Write a polemic about a time you felt you were body shamed
    Bonus points if it's an unpopular opinion, I.e I was body shamed for being skinny/pretty/sexy)
  19. Stick it to the man by writing an epic note to a teacher/school that really gets to the root of what's wrong with education today while highlighting what an awesome parent you are
    Could include defending your child against common core, new math, her fashion choices, or her tardiness/absence
  20. Autocorrect fails
    Suggested by   @graceofwrath
  21. Post the silly/naive/clever answers of your students' answers on homework and tests
    Kids say the darnedest things!
    Suggested by   @graceofwrath
  22. Recreate traditional couple photos by replacing the other person with a dog
    Suggested by   @graceofwrath
  23. Woman surprises partner with pregnancy announcement
    Bonus points if they've been trying for years and the partner starts crying.
    Suggested by   @graceofwrath
  24. Imitate the look of a celebrity or famous art subject
    Bonus points if you're male and you use household goods to create your look
    Suggested by   @graceofwrath