Things that have once scared me or continue to scare me. Both comical and serious.
  1. Moths.
    My biggest fear. And maybe the most comical?
  2. Going to the doctors.
    Going to the dentist is fine.
  3. That time I popped a tire on the highway.
    Basically a nightmare of mine came true! I lived. It was horrible though.
  4. Whenever the tire pressure low light comes on.
    Probably due to the tire popping on the highway.
  5. Pap smears.
    I used to deal with them fine and then my doctor told me I have precancerous cells so now I have to go in for them every six months and I'm scared.
  6. Thinking/worrying about what people think of me.
  7. This one horrible dream I had as a child that I will likely never forget.