Inspired by all the rad people doing these. Also, side note, how do you copy list titles? Can it even be done on an android? I want that little TM!
  1. Hi! Here I am!
    That's my boyfriend @drewbydoo. Also I was probably drunk.
  2. Here I am from when I was cool.
  3. I live in the burbs, a few miles out from Boston.
  4. Originally from NH!
    My parents still live there and they are so cool and there's lots of wildlife. My dad took this pic from our backyard.
  5. I work for a nonprofit.
    I do communications and fundraising.
  6. I'm 22, but my gOlDeN birthday is Monday!
    23 on May 23!
  7. I have insomnia.
  8. My landlord doesn't allow me to have pets.
    Which is the saddest part of my existence right now.
  9. My parents have very cute pets that I have part ownership of duhhh.
    She's perfect.
  10. Static
    He looks like a mean cat but he is so nice and sweet. I woke him up from a nap to take this picture.
  11. Static
    He's fat.
  12. The best TV shows I've seen include...
    Battlestar Galactica, Twin Peaks, The X Files, True Detective (season 1), Breaking Bad, Jessica Jones, The Office, It's Always Sunny...
  13. My guilty pleasures are trash TV.
    Kardashians, True Life, Teen Mom...
  14. I have six tattoos!
    My most recent.
  15. Static
    And one I did myself.
  16. I go to a lot of concerts.
    No ragrets.
  17. I could live off pasta and cheese and olives and pickles and pistachios.
    And probably live a very happy life.
  18. I had to live through my second biggest fear a couple months ago when I popped the tire on the busiest highway in the state and there was no shoulder on that stretch of the road for me to be safe on.
    But I lived so here I am!
  19. My first biggest fear is moths.
    I fucking hate moths.