1. It's my main girl/roommate/best friend's birthday!
    I love celebrating people's birthdays and I'm so excited to help her have the best night possible. I tend to get more drunk at other's birthdays than at my own, which is fun and exciting and something to look forward to.
  2. I mailed a care package for another best friend who is getting her Masters in Psych tomorrow.
    I love sending mail.
  3. I'm getting a sub for lunch!
    Needs no explanation.
  4. I slept 7 and a half hours last night.
    A seriously rare occurance. It feels weird to be functioning on more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep.
  5. I get to leave work early today!
    Sure, it's because I have to work tomorrow evening but let's ignore that fact right now.
  6. I'm wearing leggings to work.
    My office is so relaxed it's wonderful, but this is still something to be grateful for because there are people who have to get so dressed up all the time.
  7. It's Friday!
    Gotta get down...