some reminders because I cry about it a lot.
  1. I got to go to Bonnaroo for the 4th time with my mom.
  2. I visited my best friend @chrisfon in DC twice!
  3. The nonprofit I work at had an incredibly successful year.
    We helped over 700 breast cancer patients (not even counting family members) and raised over $1 million (a record!).
  4. I moved into an awesome new place with my roomies.
    We were all heartbroken after not being able to resign the lease on our old place but have come to really love where we are at now.
  5. I celebrated 6 years with my boyfriend.
  6. I got closer with my best friend/roommate/basically nonbiological sister.
    We dealt with some serious shit this year and our bond definitely deepened.
  7. I saw a few of my favorite bands this year:
    Best Coast, Wavves, Lady Lamb, Ingrid Michaelson, Lord Huron, Pearl Jam, Twin Peaks, FIDLAR, Borns and more!
  8. I spent a wonderful mini-vacation in the summer when I camped in Vermont and visited a ton of breweries.
  9. There was some great TV this year
    Atlanta, The Night Of, Westworld, Insecure...
  10. Mentally I've been doing fairly well!