thanks for the idea @nikkilounoel😊
  1. Read before I go to sleep.
  2. Take showers only at night.
  3. Bake things late at night when I can't sleep.
  4. Paint my nails.
  5. Knit scarves and blankets.
  6. Lift weights.
  7. Eat pasta.
  8. Sleep in on the weekends.
  9. Get brunch at my favorite spots.
  10. Watch trash television shows.
  11. Drink a good gin and tonic.
  12. Wear dresses with tights and doc martens.
  13. Go to concerts with my boo @drewbydoo.
  14. Go to Bonnaroo with my mom.
  15. Drink coffee in my sunroom with friends.
  16. Get tipsy and eat cheese.
  17. Get drunk and eat pizza.
  18. Watch nature documentaries.
  19. Write in my journal.
  20. Mediate.
  21. Read tarot cards.
  22. Drink a bottle of wine with my roommate/best friend.
  23. Have a good cry.
  24. Spend time in the White Mountains.
  25. Go camping.
  26. Go on long walks down county roads.
  27. Pick wild blueberries.