One of the most underrated movies, tbh.
  1. First of all, when I first discovered 'Comet' I honestly watched it at least five times in two weeks.
    No ragerts.
  2. Justin Long is a total babe.
    Seriously you will be obsessed with him after watching this movie and it's okay.
  3. It's got some seriously dope cinematography.
    So pretty.
  4. And the lighting is awesome thoughout.
  5. So the plot is good and interesting despite it being a tale as old as time.
    Justin Long and Emily Rossum (also a babe) play a couple over a 6 year period of time were they fall in and out of love, break up and get back together, and figure themselves and each other out (sometimes together, sometimes while apart).
  6. Only two characters.
    Justin and Emily are basically the only actors in this. If this was done poorly, it could be boring, but the characters and acting is so good that it's fantastic and so fresh and different than a lot of films.
  7. There's a twist.
    A couple, definitely. 'Comet' deals primarily with flashbacks and a nonlinear plot line. Plus, maybe there's some parallel universe action!
  8. This makes it so easy to rewatch the movie.
    I'm still trying to completely figure 'Comet' out and would love to discuss it if anyone has seen it before.
  9. It invokes so many feelings.
    And it's all so vivid and realistic.
  10. Guys, 'Comet' is on Netflix so give it a shot.
    Literally watching it again right now. I'll never tire of this movie.
  11. It's okay if you watch it five times in two weeks.
    Break my record! I do not understand why it has a low Rotten Tomatoes rating (41% whaaaat) but maybe because it is so underrated and needs to be viewed more. I love it so much okay.