From garbage pail to sexy dreamboat. My probably unjustified remarks.
  1. Dean
    Ugh. So soft. So annoying. Dean just was/still is never appealing to me. He comes off as whiney and he's definitely not good enough for Rory. Or his WIFE for that matter. Bye Dean.
  2. Tristan
    Tristan is alright. But his time on Gilmore Girls was relatively short and never amounted to much. I'm not that into blondes anyway. Farewell, sweet prince.
  3. Logan
    Logan ends up being alright in my book but he's annoying a lot at the start and meeeehhhhh I don't know. He's a lil too full of himself. Plus he's also blonde. Sorry buddy. It's been kinda real
  4. Max
    Oh man. I do like you. I really do. To be honest I think you're definitely too good for Lorelei and deserved someone who was ready for the great man you are. Sometimes you make poor clothing choices but maybe that is a reflection on the time. I dunno man. See ya later.
  5. Luke
    Luke, man, I love your style and I love your attitude and I think you're probably overall the beat man on the show. You look way better with the baseball hat on than without (it's a lil frightening when you take it off. You're cool though and I appreciate you and wish I could be a regular at your diner because I love diners. Stick around.
  6. Christopher
    Pretttttty hot. I know that Luke is the better choice obvs for Lorelei but Christopher is such a dreamy dude. His style is on point. His smile is killer. He's got great hair (not so much when it's super short). Big fan of you. Please come to weekly dinner at the Gilmores.
  7. Jess
    The best. The very best. Sure his attitude can be a little appalling and he can be very dramatic, but he is so great. My ultimate fav. Deserves Rory and the world. Stay forever Jess. Please come to Luke's daily for coffee and also get married to Rory because I think she makes you happy as you do her.