Thank you @veshecco. ❤❤ These are in no particular order. I'm probably forgetting so many.
  1. The Strokes
    Probably my favorite band ever. My first tattoo was lyrics to "What Ever Happened?" on my arm.
  2. David Bowie
    I still cry so much because he's no longer with us.
  3. Hot Hot Heat
    The first album I bought all by myself (aka not stolen from my parents' collection) was Elevator.
  4. The Libertines
    This band is incredibly special to me. For years my dad and I would listen to their 2 albums on long drives to soccer games. I was such a punk 12 year old.
  5. Grouplove
    They lift my soul.
  6. Lady Lamb
    No one brings out emotion like Aly Spaltro.
  7. Echo & The Bunnymen
    Very important music of my childhood thanks to my mom.
  8. Wavves
    So many jams, so many good concerts.
  9. Best Coast
    Bethany thoughhhhh.
  10. Florence + The Machine
    Liked them. Then saw them at Bonnaroo and cried and now i love them. Very powerful.
  11. Lord Huron
    Incredible, beautiful sound. Very underrated.
  12. Vampire Weekend
    I know every single word to every single song
  13. The Clash
    Very important music of my childhood thanks to my dad.
  14. The B52s
    For grooving.
  15. Arctic Monkeys
    Suck It And See is one of my all time favorite albums.
  16. Amy Winehouse
    Gone way way way too soon. Tragic beauty.
  17. Bon Iver
    Tears every time I've seen them.
  18. The Flaming Lips
    A truly joyous moment was singing along to "Do You Realize??" with my mom.
  19. Kendrick Lamar
  20. Childish Gambino
  21. The Killers
    Finally seeing them live this winter. Their live album is my favorite live album!
  22. Pearl Jam
    Eddie gets it.