I started watching Grace and Frankie with my best friend/roommate and am in love
  1. First of all...her hair.
    It's gorgeous.
  2. Actually everything about her is gorgeous and #goals.
  3. She wears the coolest shit.
  4. Frankie is a free spirit and doesn't care so much about what people think of her.
  5. But she cares deeply for the people around her and is very loving.
    This idea of not caring so much boutique others perception of you but caring for others in a great capacity is something I admire and work towards.
  6. She's extremely realistic.
    She struggles with the loss of her relationship with Sol while she still loves him deeply. Through season 1 she knows she has to distance herself from him and that proves to be quite difficult.
  7. She is me in social situations.
  8. She's one of my favorite female characters in television.
    She's strong and relatable and hilarious. Don't get me wrong, I adore Jane Fonda's Grace, but feel a close affinity to Lily Tomlin's Frankie.
  9. She and Grace are friendship goals.
    Just the best.
  10. She's just Queen.
    Watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix so you will understand