I've been a real proponent of self-love since going through a very depressive period my sophomore year of college. Here's a little guide to things I believe in, that work, and might probably work for you.
  1. Every day do something good for yourself and thank yourself for it.
    It doesn't have to be anything major. It can just be taking the time to meditate or painting your nails or going on a nice walk. Just acknowledge the fact that you did it for yourself and thank yourself for it. You can even write this down!
  2. Think of/write down 5 things you are grateful for every day.
    They can be people, things you need, thoughts you had, whatever! They can even be more than 5. :) I love writing things down so it helps me to do that. PLUS, when you're having a bad day you can read all your old entries about things that were good for you.
  3. Don't do too much.
    I get stressed and on a bad mood when I overload my schedule. I also hate saying "no" to people for fear that it will make them think less of me. I've had to learn how to remove myself if needed in acts of self-love. If people love and care for you they'll understand. If not, don't worry about it.
  4. Write it out. Draw it out. Whatever you do, make it physical.
    If you're having a bad day or when your head is full of thoughts, journal these thoughts or harness them somehow creatively. Get them out of your head where they're floating around and colliding. It feels so good after and you've done something productive!
  5. Go on walks.
    Get outside, get the blood pumping, feel the outside air and energy, and just walk/wander.
  6. ASMR.
    Big fan of ASMR and I've found that it's wonderfully relaxing when I'm dealing with stress and insomnia. Good tool for self-love. Look it up to learn more!
  7. Understand that change isn't a light switch.
    You're not going to go from bad to good in an instant. I've found that it's more of a dimmer switch. The goal is to make it brighter, but sometimes you'll slip and things might get a bit dark. But know that they can always get lighter and the gradual change can be comforting.
  8. Have someone.
    Have someone who you can text or call and simply tell them you're having a bad day. Have this person be someone who will listen and understand. For me, it's a really good friend of mine and we mutually share things like this with each other. We also send each other positive affirmations almost daily. She's a wonderful source of light, joy and support in my life.
  9. Meditate, breath, let your body rest and heal
    Thoughts take up a lot of energy. Challenge yourself with guided meditations and controlled breathing exercises to calm your mind. YouTube is full of these!
  10. Tea.
    A warm mug of tea just feels so damn good.
  11. Be comfortable.
    Sometimes we put ourselves in uncomfortable positions, which normally can be okay. But when you're going through a rough patch, make yourself comfortable and allow yourself to feel at home and good. Rest up, treat yourself, and relax.
  12. Love.
    You're a beautiful person who has so much to offer the world. You are needed and you are special and you bring so much. Thank you for existing, thank you for your sweet presence, and thank you for being open to love, change, acceptance, and peace. You are fantastic.