Goodbye my cheese love, my pasta love, my bread love. I know I will cheat with alcohol.
  1. My best friend/roommate/nonbiological sister is starting Whole30 next week to see if she can identify some potential food and digestion issues she has been having.
  2. I've always wanted to do it but don't want to go at it alone so I'm going to do it with her!
  3. We start January 4!
  4. I'm looking forward to trying new recipes and getting back into cooking more!
  5. I'm basically excited but a little worried because I know 100% that I am addicted to cheese.
  6. I'd love any tips or suggestions if you've done it!
  7. When I did it, since I don't like eggs, my go to breakfast was cut up sausage links or ground beef with a diced apple and some cinnamon all in a skillet til the apples are nice and coated with the cinnamon! Super good and filling.
    Suggested by @chrisfon
  8. Dragon noodles
    Recipe calls for noodles but I'm sure it'll taste just as delicious with any veggie or substitute noodle. Also I add a ton of veggies and tofu to the recipe which only calls for noodles, eggs, and green onions. One of my absolute faves
    Suggested by @Jacksalack