happy holidays everyone!
  1. Woke up to the sounds of gunshots
    Folks going on an early Christmas morning hunt I guesssssss. That's New Hampshire for you.
  2. Came downstairs to my parents already opening stockings, without their 3 children.
    It was 9:20. I guess roles have seriously been reversed.
  3. Gave my parents the special present I had made for them.
    I got them a custom-made ornament of our late family dog, Echo. They started crying instantly.
  4. Made mashed potatoes.
    This took me over an hour. I did it while my dad and brothers played with my dad's big Christmas present, the PlayStation VR set
  5. Played with my aunt and uncle's dog.
    For hours. This is important. He's so cute.
  6. Played with their cats.
    Not pictured but also so cute.
  7. Ate food.
    With the fam.
  8. Played lottery-palooza.
    Also with the fam. It's a massive scratch ticket festival. I got 7 scratch tickets and won nothing.
  9. Got confused by another Natalie.
    My cousin brought his new girlfriend to the festivities. She's a couple years older than me and also named Natalie. I was constantly tripped up by countless questions directed at her. And presents that were for her and not me.
  10. Ate more food.
    Dinner part 2 with my boyfriend's fam.
  11. Watched The Hateful Eight.
    I saw it in the theater and liked it a bit more this time.
  12. Received a Kill Bill-themed gift from my boyfriend and gave him a Kill Bill-themed gift.
    Our 6-year relationship often seems so linked to that movie. Maybe that's a list for another day.
  13. Watched A Christmas Story.
    Still love it.
  14. Played Mortal Kombat.
    My favorite video game.
  15. Ate some more.
    Leftovers mannnnn.
  16. Settled in for a long winters nap.