a glimpse into the mind of an insomniac
  1. What's the symbolism in Mary Poppins? What was the point of the song "Feed the Birds" and that bid woman in general?
    As a child, she scared me. She probably would still frighten me. It was an irrational fear that I tucked deep inside.
  2. I wonder what it feels like to just get in bed and fall right asleep.
  3. Who was the actress in that movie "Thirteen" and what else did she do?
    Not the main girl but the one who became her friend who was the bad influence.
  4. Lara Croft
  5. Stones/gems/minerals/crystals that repel negative energy
    What follows this is me going to an online gem store and filling up a shopping cart of stones and crystals that one day I will actually purchase.
  6. I need to clean my goddamn room and tomorrow will be the day it gets done.
    Spoiler alert: it never is.
  7. Kurt Cobain death conspiracy.
  8. Why is this happening to me?
  9. I wonder if it's obvious to people who I haven't told that I'm an insomniac...
    Like do I look like one, does my face always look tired?
  10. I used to be so obsessed with "House MD"
    Followed by looking up the plot synopsis of the episode where there's a guy who thinks he's a superhero and he falls off a building.
  11. Why does Miyazaki food always look so good?
    Followed by looking up recipes, followed by reading plots of Miyazaki movies, followed by looking at stills of the movies.