According to me, an expert.
  1. Make tea.
    If it's early in the day, make a nice green tea (maybe a variety that's mixed with some fruit). Later in the day, a lovely cup of chamomile will work wonders. Add honey to your tea if you like things sweet.
  2. Clear your schedule.
    If you have plans, just say no! People will understand. You gotta take care of yourself now and you deserve it.
  3. Go for a walk.
    A nice nature walk gives you that good, clean air and can be very therapeutic.
  4. Get or make some good quality snacks.
    Cooking or baking always soothes me so if that's you thing, do it up! Whatever you do, get your favorite comfort foods!
  5. Take a shower or a bath.
    Only do this step to do the next one because honestly I hate showering.
  6. Apply a face mask.
    SO RELAXING. Your pores will be all open and receptive after your shower or bath so this is perf. Even for you boyz.
  7. Get some comfy clothes on immediately.
    Sweats. Sweats. Sweats. Also no pants.
  8. Get your snacks and your face masked face and get yourself in front of a TV.
    Watch a movie, something new or an old fav. Binge watch a show. Watch sports! Whatever you like, go forth.
  9. If crafty do something while you watch.
    Knit a scarf, do some needlepoint, doodle, journal, etc, etc.
  10. Wine!
    Get a bottle and apply liberally.
  11. Oh take off that face mask.
    When it's dry and bask in your nice soft face.
  12. More tea before bed!
    Very important.
  13. If you still have energy, read a chapter or two of a book you've been neglecting.
    Reading helps to wind yourself down and a book can be a wonderful companion.
  14. Thank yourself for doing nice things for you and only you!
    Thanking yourself is a very important practice.