Please comment with suggestions or encouragement to watch those I have listed
  1. Peaky Blinders
    My parents are big into it as is my boyfriend. I've seen a few episodes and like the way it's done. Plus Cillian Murphy is a big time babe.
  2. Grace and Frankie
    My roommate loves this and has suggested that I watch it with her when rewatches it. From what I've observed, I want to be Frankie when I grow up.
  3. Game of Thrones
    I think I got halfway through season 3 and then just stopped watching when I gave the show a shot a couple months ago. Whoops.
  4. The Mindy Show
    I've been meaning to get into this show for years!
  5. 30 Rock
    I love The Office and Parks and Rec so I should probably watch 30 Rock.
  6. Love
    I've heard good things about this show. It's a Netflix show and usually those are pretty solid. Plus the stuff they wear is 100% my aesthetic.
  7. The Wire
    I've probably lied about seeing this a bunch but in truth I've only seen an episode or two.
  8. Deadwood
    Why not.
  9. The Sopranos
    Just to round out my HBO neglect regret.
  10. Stranger Things
    I watched the first episode a couple weeks ago and then tossed it aside. I should watch it as its right up my alley, genre-wise.
  11. House of Cards
    To see what all the fuss is about.