Just received a Facebook event invite for my 5 year high school reunion and I feel weird. So let's go through this thing.
  1. Pro: having some drinks with my best friend from high school and laughing about people.
    That's assuming that she will go! PS: the reunion is at a bar.
  2. Con: seeing the people I left on weird terms with.
    I'm very uncomfortable being around people that I was on weird terms with 5 years ago. I know I should get over these things and just act like nothing is up, but I obsess over others perception of me (which is bad) so I know this might be a weird thing for me.
  3. Pro: maybe reconnecting with some people.
    This might be nice. Probably actually. There's not many that I can think of wanting to reconnect with, but that's probably because I'm focusing on the negative people.
  4. Con: been feeling a lil self-conscious lately.
    I know it's a thing to want to show up to reunions looking good and feelimg good. Even though I know this really doesn't matter, I think it is important to see people you haven't seen in awhile and feel confident. I've definitely been in a lot place self image-wise lately. I'm working on it though!
  5. Pro: seeing some teachers I like.
    I went to a very small high school. I think my graduating class was like 120, if that. We got close to teachers because the school was so small. So I would assume that some beloved teachers might go to the reunion. It would be nice to see them.
  6. Con: judgement.
    See all the cons above. I know a lot of people there will be feeling the same way, but thinking about how people see me and think of me really stresses me out. I know this might be vain, but it really comes out when I'm feeling low.
  7. Pro: it might be good for me in the long run.
    Putting myself out there and going might instill some confidence and help me in future situations like this.
  8. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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