This was left drafted and forgotten.
    So much fun. If you're into beachy, garagey, punk, listen to these guys (sort of like the Wavves vibe). The crowd was so into it. Definitely one of the most fun shows of the weekend.
    I was so pleasantly surprised by CHVRCHES! They were able to produce their big sound live and it was great. The quality was awesome. I'm not a Paramore fan, but they brought out Hayley Williams to do their brand new song "Bury it" with them, which was cool.
  3. M83
    So good. So pretty. Again, they were able to capture the album sound perfectly live (and even better). My favorite show of the day.
  4. Tame Impala
    I was lucky enough to see Tame before but was so happy to see them again. Great set, beautiful lights and display. Close second favorite set of the day.