Hello from Tennessee!
  1. Waxahatchee
    So good. So so so good. After seeing them I decided that I need to listen to Waxahatchee way more. So I will. Catch these guys if they come near to you on tour.
  2. Bully
    Also really good. Garagey type band from Nashville. Alicia, lead singer, is so cool. They can shred.
  3. Twin Peaks
    Another garagey type band, this one named after one of the most fab TV shows ever. They played a fun set.
  4. Børns
    My favorite show of the day! I downloaded the album Dopamine to listen on my flight down after only being familiar with the singles. I loved the album and hearing it live, I loved it more. The set included a great cover of "Rebellion (Lies)" by Arcade Fire and a beautiful cover of David Bowie's "Heroes." Everyone sang along and it was beautiful. The lights were also gorgeous during the set and I left feeling perfectly happy.