Because why not assert my opinion on a bunch of movies if I can?
  1. Inside Out
    I wish Inside Out could be in the best picture category. I thought I would be seeing a movie about depression, so I avoided it. This movie had so much love and spirit towards the acceptance that sometimes life sucks and it's dark, but we grow. The performance of Sadness was so beautiful to me. And even commending a "performance" in an animated film is huge. I can't say I've ever believed that were possible.
  2. Creed (for Stallone's nomination)
    Creed was awesome, and I consistently love Michael B. Confession: I've never seen Rocky. But the relationship of Rocky and Adonis felt so powerful and strong. And Bianca was the bomb.
  3. The Hateful Eight
    I was glad I saw this in the 70mm Roadshow version. It was well worth it. There are things I wasn't crazy about, and it's not way up there on my list of favorite Tarantino movies. It actually may be one of the ones I would be least likely to watch again (so I think it's weird he wants to make this a stage play). Regardless, I had a lot of fun watching it for any reason one would enjoy Tarantino.
  4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    Yes. The score is wonderful! The movie is wonderful too, and in my opinion deserves more credit from the academy...somehow. I think it's one of the best movies of the year/my life!!
  5. Amy
    Amy could easily be named "Why Men Destroy Lives". (okay, generalization) Amy is surrounded by so much evil and I think it could genuinely be an example to girls that you have worth independently of anyone else. It fits perfectly into the genre of tragedy.
  6. Cinderella (for Costume Design)
    This movie did almost nothing for me except for the fact that it looked pretty and 90% of that was the costumes. I'd be pretty happy if this won in it's category.
  7. Steve Jobs
    I enjoyed watching this movie, but something about it left me wanting more. Something about the way it was formatted made it seem so short, and just like that, it was over. Kate Winslet was the highlight for me, no doubt.
  8. Ex Machina
    This suddenly became one of my favorite movies ever! As soon as it ended I wanted to start it all over and watch it again. It looked incredible. The story was simple, but completely sucked me in at every millisecond.
  9. World of Tomorrow (animated short film)
    This one happens to be on Netflix. I loved some of Hertzfeldt's (sp?) old, stupider stuff from early on in high school, so it was splendid how he turned his animation style into a really cool think-piece.