1. Author
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    New York Times bestselling fantasy writer. But do not limit me to that. Great storytelling can come in all shapes and sizes.
  2. Fashion Designer
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    This 100% stems from my obsession with Project Runway. I would make sure I could get myself to all the best fashion weeks.
  3. Rockstar
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    Tour the world, have a super fun band surrounding me (which would have to include my husband), playing multiple instruments, great outfits, obviously some of the best songs ever written, etc
  4. Neurosurgeon
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    I would be the most kick-butt, hardcore Doctor. I'd be like Jack or Derek Shepherd, but the girl version and even better. I choose neuro because I love the anatomy and structure of the human brain. I'd also get involved in research, cure Alzheimer's, and win the Nobel Prize.
  5. Actress
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    I'd love to act on both the stage and on the big screen. I would be involved in projects that bring me to every event I love. Oscars, late night shows because I love getting interviewed, and I must be on a comic-con panel and loved by nerds.
  6. Wedding Planner
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    Planning my own wedding was so much fun, I would take it on as a career in a heartbeat.
  7. Mechanical Engineer
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    I would specialize in automation. Everyone would know me because I'd be the woman that perfected automated transport for cars and airplanes. Not only that but I'll have incorporated green energy into all vehicles. Let's throw me another Nobel Prize.
  8. Ballerina
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    Every girl's dream, and still one of mine. I'd be part of the ballet in New York and London and travel to all the greatest cities.
  9. Artist
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    This is probably the only one on the list that I don't think I could actually do. I would the to paint/draw/create the things I see in my mind.
  10. NASA Physicist
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    Being involved with the space program would be epic and shows without saying that "she's the best at what she does." Not only would my work launch several well-known interplanetary space missions, but I will discover time travel. (And contrary to current science, we actually can travel backwards in time.)