His story; with random pictures of us.
  1. My dad was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2002. He was given two years to live.
  2. I had just graduated college. I was 23. My brother and I moved in together; he from 30 miles-away in the suburb of Portland, Oregon where we grew up, and my parents had left several years prior, and me coming about 1500 miles back to the west, after three years of college in North Dakota.
  3. We started doing relay for life, to raise money for cancer research. To our surprise, he made it past his two-year diagnosis – he was 51 years old when he received his two year prognosis.
  4. Ironically, he was in such good health, his doctor did not test him for prostate cancer, because he was only 14 nine years old, and they test around 50. It was very unlikely he had prostate cancer. Unfortunately, the doctor, Who works for Kaiser, on the West Coast, was incredibly wrong. A simple blood test might've saved his life. *49 years old
  5. Stage 4 means that it has left the part of the body where it started. His was prostate cancer, but the cancer had spread throughout his body and all over his bones. He was very fortunate that it did not go into his bones, causing bone cancer.
  6. It has been a very exhausting, exhilarating, emotional, erring, and endearing time of life. My dad's journey, began in 1951. It ended on September 29, 2015.
  7. I refuse to say that he lost his fight with cancer. He fought it. He adjusted his life, because of its presence in his life. If anything, he defeated the cancer, by completely changing his life and priorities around.
  8. I am having a hard night. I miss him incredibly much. My family is so close. I say that we are one step away from enmeshed.
  9. I love and miss you so much, Daddy.