Inspired by @johnaugust
  1. 1999
    Bridesmaid for Amy and Damon. $200 dress. They divorced now.
  2. 2002
    Bridesmaid for Shayla and Trevor. Pink dress. Still married: three kids!
  3. 2003
    Bridesmaid for Jennifer and Linde. Purple dress. Longest wedding ever. Groom hated me. They're divorced now.
  4. 2004
    My wedding! Let's keep this short: divorced 3 years later.
  5. 2004
    Bridesmaid for Shannon and Jeremy. Gold dress. I looked horrible. Still married: two boys.
  6. 2006
    Personal attendant for Kelsey and Miguel. Blue and white dress. Still married—three adorable "nephews."
  7. 2008
    Bridesmaid for Joshua and Sarah. Black dress. Stood on Josh's side—my brother. Still married—two beautiful nieces.
  8. 2011
    Maid of Honor for best friend Emily and James. Have pix of me proposing to her in my brown dress. Still married! Two beautiful "nieces"!