I am all in favor of supporting one another
  1. Thoughts: Go Fund Me has gotten to the point that people kind of skip over it.
  2. Asking for help is completely okay!
  3. But, is it being taken advantage of these days?
  4. What if some of the causes were a Barter-With-Me system?
  5. Like a group of people offer yardwork, or junk haul away, or other services when asking for money?
  6. Some causes are so pure, and I believe need not offer services in return.
  7. But others are scams or plain crazy! I have seen Go Fund Me pages earning money for child support, even though they admit to infidelity and ending the marriage to seek greener pastures.
  8. We live in a land of no money 'mo problems, and 'mo money more problems! 💰
  9. I would 💗 to live in a land of barter and trade. Someday, I hope I will!
  10. But, you won't see me ask you for 💵 to flee the country.
  11. However, I may trade my possessions for airline mileage, travel gear, pet-sitting.
  12. Do clothes-swapping.
  13. Rent out my house in trade for home improvement and upkeep. 🏠
  14. Or I will just keep on dreaming!! 😇