Please forgive me if one of these is you. Not trying to plagiarize. Too lazy and sick to research this list going on in my head.
  1. @listappalishish
    A Destiny's Child song if they were here today
  2. @almostbjnovak
    Just to confuse people and get some random love @bjnovak
  3. @narcissist
    We could all have grabbed this one
  4. Should have made this my handle. This is even called to handle? Probably not, with my brain jumbled
  5. Taken! Well done.
  6. Also taken! Well done.
  7. @idk
    I think this is taken if so well done!
  8. @welldone!
    That's the only thing I can say apparently
  9. Crap. I am totally going change myself to Atnah Tanya (audio correct issue) aka @natanya. I am now that person.