Inspired by @LongStoryLonger
  1. People who get really excited to tell you a story and then trail off because they get distracted...squirrel! 🐿
  2. ADD + OCD
  3. Talking about mental health issues
  4. India
  5. Prosery© (what I call my rambling poems...not quite prose, not quite poetry)
  6. Constantly seeing ellipses...
  7. JT
  8. Companionable silence
  9. A friend who speaks too loudly and quickly
  10. A third-generational Portlander with a streak of East Coast attitude
  11. Someone who can dish it out and take it
  12. Observing physical klutziness
  13. A smart ditz
    One of my best guy friends told me that I am the smartest ditz he has ever met in his life. I chose to take that as a compliment.
  14. Someone with a Master's degree education and a kindergarten degree on how to live life
  15. Someone who still has a checkbook
    Why are all my friends so fascinated with this? We're in our mid 30s. There are still reasons to write checks and it's not like were teenagers who have no idea what checks are. Which is why they all get checks on their birthdays. Because they're also annoyed that they have to actually go to the bank and cash a check in order to receive the money.
  16. The person who can't resist doing the cheesy joke. 🧀