#2 More List Your Self
  1. Organize all my photos from 1985 to present.
  2. Scan all my photos from 1985 present.
  3. Back up all my photos from 1985 to present, on iCloud, thumb-drive, and data DVD.
  4. Make a mailing list of all the people who sent me a Christmas card in the last three years, so I will send them cards next year.
  5. Save all my pictures from Facebook onto my desktop, back them up, and delete Facebook account.
  6. Return all of ex-boyfriends possessions to them. (organize them nicely in little plastic Rubbermaid tubs--📈 already did it❗️)
  7. Clarify on ListApp that #6 meant 3 exes and their possessions, over a 16 year time-period.
  8. Fix the huge hole in my downstairs bathroom.
  9. Finish watching The office, you are on season nine episode two, Sarah, just finish it already❗️
  10. Invent your own line of emoticons. And figure out if you're supposed to call them Emoji's. Or Emoj or Emoticy or just emoticons. I know I am effing it up.
  11. Stop setting your alarm clock two hours earlier than you know you will actually get up. It annoys you every single day.
  12. Figure out how to quit switching among first second and third person, while writing. You majored in English, you asshole.
  13. Apologize to everyone that your new addiction is voice to text type. And you are not the best at wanting to edit it after you have spoken it.