#1 from More List
  1. Making my bed. I think it gives me a sense of relief to know that I have a welcoming place to crawl into, and breathe that sigh of relief, before closing my eyes, and just letting myself be.
  2. Putting in my contact lenses. I actually love glasses. I have four pairs. But, with the rain in the Pacific northwest, and the humidity that my changing moods naturally bring to my body, causing puffs of sweat to fog my glasses, or times of being still and cold, which make my glasses slip down my nose, I just need those contact lenses.
  3. Letting my dog Dexter, and my cat Baylor, go out in the back to pee. If I don't they pee in the house y'all.
  4. Making sure my house is set 3° lower than usual, because I love knowing I'm saving some money.
  5. Same with: lights out, no appliances on, everything locked up tight, just feels good to come home to a secure house.
  6. A hot drink: whether it be a coffee or tea at work, or one that I buy on the way, it just jump starts the part of me that gears into work mode.