Or, prevent getting sick... Not for the weak of heart.
  1. Go to the produce store. For one juice, spilt in half, and take twice a day.
  2. Garlic. 2 to 4 cloves.
  3. Ginger. 2 thumbs.
  4. Juice these two first, together. They produce the least liquid, and my theory is that all the following ingredients will flush all their juice into the drink.
  5. One zuchinni or cucumber, cut up. Lots of liquid.
  6. Juice!!
  7. An apple, minus one section that I eat for the fiber.
  8. One small tomato.
  9. Two large carrot sticks.
  10. 1 medium sized beet. It will make things look like a crime scene 👀.
  11. Keep juicing!!! And, always pour the juice cup into your shaker when it is 3/4 or less full.
  12. Lastly, lemon!! Since lemon is a natural cleanser, I love 💕 ending with 🍋.
  13. Save the extras for your water 💦🍋
  14. Shake it all in your mixer. For me, a big glass jar.
  15. Drink half now, and half within 12 hours.