1. 1 passport
    One passport, to tour them all
  2. 2 options
    I struggle immensely when I have no choice
  3. 3 back-up plans
    The OCD in me wants to be assured
  4. 4 ongoing ideas
    The ADD in me is always bored and will not shut up!
  5. 5 pillows on my bed
    I guess I need a lot of fluff
  6. 6 items from the library
    Well?! Why not.
  7. 7 of anything.
    My favorite number.
  8. 8-ball
    Like, the magic kind. Not the cocaine thing.
  9. 9 different colored pens
    I like to express myself with art!! And I cannot draw, sculpt, paint...but I can use a lot if different colors.
  10. 10 fingers
    I finally like myself, my hands, my choices, my actions. Hands and fingers seem to represent a sort of action and ownership. Identity. Finger-prints. You hear: "Am I comfortable in my own skin?"
  11. I like that, but never really got it. Now, I am comfortable with my own fingerprints. Comfortable with the identity etched on the sensitive tips of my fingers since I was born...
  12. And comfortable with the marks my unique fingerprints leave behind as I touch the world.
  13. My perfect 10 is self-acceptance for who I am—the unique swirls, lines and curls of the most vulnerable pieces of my hands, and the accountability for what I choose to touch, mark, smear, or refuse to tap, test, or touch.
  14. You sometimes never know if you were meant to invest and help handle a situation.
  15. Or if you were meant to keep your hands to yourself.
  16. My Perfect 10 is not perfect. The only perfection is the acceptance of our best intentions not always being what we hoped or wanted.
  17. Things can slip through our fingers, if we forget we had vulnerability in our hand.