1. It is so delicate, funky, striking, and would make an awesome comic book character.
  2. I just feel like I know fairy-princess.
  3. I really DO think Dana digs me! Look at how she's looking at me.
  4. So simple, candid and pretty!
  5. I need this sense of someone perusing me. If makes me up my list ante.
  6. Some of my favorite things: French, authentic, denim, and a bit of 80s pop-culture.
  7. The jacket.
  8. Great use of B/W, especially for a Disney connoisseur. Irony.
  9. I see that grin and get an adrenaline rush! What is she going to tackle today?!
  10. I just think she would hug me, or give me a good shove, depending on what I needed.
  11. Captures so many moods, in my mind!
  12. I love animals being friends 😊
  13. One of the first listers I ever followed. Fun, goofy, pretty.
  14. Gorgeous, yet nice and down to earth.
  15. What did she win? I want to know the tiara story!
  16. My very favorite list profile pic!!! I always feel I got double ♥️'d when @kcupcaker chimes in.
  17. P.S. I am not stalking any of you. I am super visual and also struggle with ADD, so my brain memorizes images before names and handles.
  18. P.P.S. Which is why making this list was a biotch!!!
  19. She has such an adorable "and I'm gonna say this" expression.
    Suggested by @jaidub