1. Jessica Beil
    Married to JT
  2. Taylor Swift
    I want to have an entourage, see what it's like to be a blonde, play the guitar, be tall and lanky, and have some Twitter fights. How many birds can I kill being Taylor for a day? That sounds like a song she could write and pull-off...
  3. Kim Kardashian
    I want the truth. Smart or just lucky and vapid? My unsolicited judgment of her vs. the viewers depends on that knowledge. I need to know who to blame!
  4. Sarah Palin
    Just. I mean. I just need to do some serious espionage to save us all if she ever gains real power
  5. Any identical twin
    I always wanted to be a twin. I felt so tricked by Parent Trap and the Patty Duke Show--not real twins! No, not 60 years old. Nick at Night...shout out to Mr. Ed...thought--he was probably played by twin horses. Oh, the irony (???)...
  6. Alanis Morisette
    I need to rewrite "Ironic" to actually ONLY have irony. Wait! Is THAT the point of the song? That it was ironic to write a song about irony that would teach a generation to not use the word correctly, no matter how hard they try to make sure they learn the correct definition? Well, I wouldn't know if that is ironic. Because I don't know what "ironic" means.
  7. Princess Kate
    Because I swear her life looks boring. No need to feel jealous of her status and castle. I KNOW I don't want her mother-in-law
  8. Any guy that I don't know
    I want to experience dude-thought and what it is like to have a you-know-what. But, I want no information on what that guy thinks of me, or anything he has heard from other guys that know me