Morning-ponderings, that are usually just for my enjoyment (or annoyance)
  1. All these damn bananas are going to ripen together. Even separate from their bunched, previous state. My goal to not let a banana get too ripened and wasted is not looking good on the "Day 5 Watch." Damn it, Costco. You are not for singles!!!
  2. Wearing socks indoors is basically being a human-mop for my 3 pets. Actually, more effective than my usual floor routine, though unintentional.
  3. Please do not die, 3-year-old bamboo plant! I know you are not real bamboo now (2 years into caring for you), but I never remember your real plant-name.
  4. That was 39 seconds of walking around downstairs. I wish my brain was this alert at work.