Disclaimer: some of these pictures will be blurry because I felt like a super creeper taking pictures in the library when people were trying to relax, sometimes I was doing the fake out thing like I was just checking my phone, not taking a picture.
  1. Tons of seating. If you look closely you can see a little black lid open on the table. It allows for two plug-ins. Or you can just pop it down and it is like a normal table
  2. Again with the little table pop up charge station, I really wish I had known that before I left my charger at home.
  3. Fireplace, huge windows to let the awesome Pacific Northwest sunshine in, hundreds of magazines, not more than one person taking creepy photos.
  4. I took this picture by accident but I was super stoked to pick this gem of a book that I have not read yet, somehow. @lenadunham
  5. Awesome ceilings.
  6. So open and many *I believe* recycled products were used building this library.
  7. It also has a very active community support program.
  8. And a used bookstore.
  9. So much openness and big windows. Just a perfect setting for community-based projects, and for people to find a safe haven to enjoy literature.
  10. Loaded up my shopping basket for the day! What an impressive haul. 📚
  11. But I don't even want to leave I just want to sit and look things up and make sure I'm not leaving things behind!
  12. I just like, want to move in.
  13. Random thought, On Portlandia there was an episode about a hide and seek league that played in the library. I really have always wanted to do that ever since I saw it.
  14. I forgot the kid section!
  15. I also forgot the study rooms.
  16. And one more thing I forgot, the awesome juvenile fiction section, that I'm really glad to see teenagers and in all the time. Even if they're just waiting for the next free computer.
  17. I love books.
  18. I can't say enough about how many places there are to just sit.
  19. Books on CD and DVD, plus the Takeaway audiobooks, and all you need is a battery and a set of headphones, and you have a little device that fits in the palm of your hand, that reads a book to you. Perfect for working out.