1. I was due on March 27th
    The day after my Mom's birthday
  2. I was born on April 7th
    The day after my Dad's birthday
  3. My Dad died on September 29th, 2015
    Just about six months ago
  4. My Dad's "fake" birthday just ended
    He would have been 65
  5. My birthday just started
    I am 37
  6. I feel so much older!
    It was hard not to call him, today
  7. I don't want anyone to happy bday me, today.
    Is that rude?
  8. I love you, Daddy.
    So much.
  9. I miss you, Daddy.
    Like, totally a ton. Just like, the way I talked in junior high, you know? I think it annoyed you? But, like, I totally do.
  10. Happy Birthday, Mom, on March 26th.
  11. Happy Birthday, Daddy, on April 6th.
  12. Happy Birthday, Sarah, on April 7th.
    Thankful I still have my Mom, and thankful for 36 years of dancing with my Dad.