Four seasons
  1. Rejection can be like fall. When the leaves are changing color, crisping up, and losing grip. The fall rejection is almost expected. Rejection in the fall is mirrored by the fading, withering, dying, and retreating aspects of nature. It is almost inevitable.
  2. Rejection can be like winter. When everyone is staying cozy and close. Ready to weather the storms. Prepared for all the holidays. The winter rejection is harsh. Winter seems to have a promise of mandatory holidays and events. Rejection in the winter was not on the schedule.
  3. Rejection can be like spring. When new life buds on trees, warmth comes from the sky, even when it rains. There are rainbows; movement starts again. Rejection in spring is like realizing you were a hibernation cave for someone, who leaves you when the earth is easy to tread upon, again. Your warmth and closeness was their shelter. Not their home.
  4. Rejection can be like summer. Hot, fast, there & gone in a blink of an eye. A season meant for breaks & relaxation. Allowance to misbehave. A season of 12 weekends: 72 days of freedom & escape. Rejection in summer is a sunburn, hangover, or camping trip where all smell like smoke for days. It lingers, the rejection, but might be easier to recover.
  5. Is any season of rejection more bearable?
  6. I doubt it.
  7. Some seasons of life are strong, and others are vulnerable.
  8. I have learned I cannot share myself with others in certain seasons.
  9. Those who do not check, notice, or factor in the weather of my life.
  10. I have responsibility to tell them to wait for the climate to change.
  11. But how I wish, so very much, when fall was fading, winter was weary, spring was slowly emerging, or summer was supple but vulnerable...
  12. That I did not have to be the only one noticing how the seasons affected me.
  13. I wish the rejectors had an adverse response, like kryptonite, so they could not enter a season, weather a storm, and then casually walk away from the aftermath of destruction.