You guys are my jam!
  1. It feels great to be accepted by "strangers"
  2. And to only have positive comments
  3. All the other social media sites I've ever been a part of, contains so much history, drama, and competition.
  4. I am actually a person who people want to be connected with, from primary school to graduate school.
  5. Yet, it all exhausts me. I appreciate people wanting to know me. But I've made it clear, they have many ways of being in touch with me, besides Facebook Twitter or Instagram.
  6. I just want to thank everybody on ListApp.
  7. I am a single woman in my thirties, a home owner, running a private practice, and it is hard to fit into the mainstream world of all the people I know IRL.
  8. It might sound silly, but I tell my clients all the time, if it works for you, who cares if it sounds silly?
  9. Listapp has been a breath of fresh air and given me access to new people with fresh ideas, and sometimes similar ideas.
  10. I just want you all to know, this community has been inspiring, illuminating, encouraging, amusing, thought-provoking...and above all!
  11. I feel I can be authentic, and still be safe.
  12. I ♥️ you ListAppers!!!!!! And boo to all the people I know irl, who have not extended the same acceptance and support.